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                  F. GARY GRAY

Director F. Gary Gray was born on July 17, 1969 in Highland Park, Illinois, but was raised in Los Angeles, California. Gray got his start working behind the camera at a local cable public access channel while in high school. Gray also went on to study film and television in college and from there, landed several jobs working as a cameraman. While working on Fox’s Pump it Up, Gray met the hip hop group WC and the Maad Circle. The group then hired him to direct one of their music videos, which then led to Gray directing several other music videos, eventually becoming a highly sought after music video director.

F. Gary Gray directed music videos for some of the most established artists such as Whitney Houston, Dr. Dre, & Ice Cube. Gray even won multiple awards as during the 1995 MTV VMAs. The New York Times wrote that the director’s video for TLC’s 'Waterfalls' was voted Best video of the year at the VMAs.[ii]

Gray also directed Rapper Ice Cube’s music video for his song 'It Was a Good Day'. Cube then decided to hire Gray to direct the comedy Friday(1995), which he co-wrote the script for. Friday grossed about $30 million at the box office, making the film a success and opening doors for future sequels. Gray later directed the film Set it Off (1996) which was another box office success for Gray and earned him a Black film award for Best Director at the Cognac Film Festival.

Other films in which F. Gary Gray directed include The Negotiator (1998) starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey, The Italian Job (2003), A Man Apart (2003), Law Abiding Citizen (2009) and Be Cool (2005). Oh and not to forget, Gray teamed up with Ice Cube again to film the much anticipated film Straight Outta Compton (2015), which is a biopic based on the story of the infamous rap group, N.W.A. Wow, what an amazing career!

Rap Pages TV would like to congratulate him on his career accomplishments and his success and that is why he has been selected to be featured in our August, 2015, 'Industry Spotlight' section. 

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