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​​RAP PAGES TV is an entertainment and music television show that features celebrity & recording artist interviews. RAP PAGES TV will feature celebrities in Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, R&B, Fashion Trendsetters, Film & Television Legends.  Featured on the show, will be new & upcoming artists, that are looking to launch their musical careers.  RAP PAGES TV was birthed from the foundation of the legendary publication Rap Pages Magazine, a very successful publication that was established 27 years ago.  

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                           Public Enemy

All rappers hail it’s time to pay respect, where respects due.  PE is not your average Hip Hop group, never out for fame and fortune, PE was practically dragged into the business by Def Jam Co-Founder Rick Rubin. The controversial, politically correct group played a key part to the development of our Hip Hop culture. They broke the mold; for the first time you heard hip hop and politics collide.  They were the first hip hop act to ever tour with a rock band and make their music available in MP3 format online.  PE’s music was in your face and their lyrics made you stand at attention. The extreme loudness and the use of multiple samples added to the uniqueness of this group. 

Never before, and maybe never again, will there be another production team as the one behind PE’s music. The Production team, known as The Bomb Squad, included the original members of PE, as well as Hank Shocklee, Keith Shocklee, Eric "Vietnam" Sadler and Gary G-Wiz. To this day PE is still influencing our culture dynamically.  

Hype man Flavor Flav is still as random as ever, looking for love in all the wrong places. His show Flavor of Love is one of the highest rated reality shows on television today. Professor Griff, occasional vocalist and producer’s most recent business ventures, include public speaking and an industry information book entitled Atlanta Musick Bizness Resource Information Publication.

Chuck D the front man of PE and activist, has a plethora of different things going on, including Slam Jamz, an online record label and, an online hip hop community.  Beginning June 4 he will honor Black Music Month, on Chuck D’s Musicians Studio. The first episode of the one-hour, month long television special,that will air on the Sundance Channel, features producer, songwriter and musician Quincy Jones.

Terminator X has since mostly retired for the music industry; but DJ Lord is still DJing all over the country. The group as a whole is still making an impact.  In case you forgot in 2004, Fear of a Black Planet was one of 50 recordings chosen by the Library of Congress to be preserved in the National Recording Registry. Later this year, the group will be among artists inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. But that’s not it, a soundtrack with various artists from Slam Jamz and a few of new PE cuts, for the Public Enemy Comic series, it is in the works for this summer.