TYRESE GIBSON

                                                  Written By:  Jasmin Rogers

Tyrese Gibson is at the top of his career right now. The singer turned actor has recently released his very first no.1 album ever entitled, “Black Rose.” The album is a compilation of Gibson’s life according to the star himself. The songs on the album are extremely personal, as they reveal so much about Tyrese, his relationships, breakups, heartaches, etc. Gibson was very candid in the creation of this album, telling CBS news:

"I was in a five-year relationship, no one knew about it. My girl lived with me. That relationship crashed and burned, because I did a lot of dumb stuff -- cheating, lying, running around…Social media will get you caught up...I lost my girl and I put all of that on that album...It's my truth. I'm not even embarrassed about it."[i]

With so many R&B albums out there that are not personal to the artist, it is so nice and refreshing to have an album out that’s raw.  Black Rose is a piece of art that one can really feel connected to because the album tells a true story; a story that is flawed and unfiltered.

Music is Tyrese’s first love, the singer has been making music for over a decade. Two of his previous albums have been in the top ten on the billboard charts, Open Invitation and 2000 Watts.[ii] Although this is the case, Gibson is also equally if not more known for his acting . The vocalist launched an established acting career very early in his journey towards success. He appeared in commercials and worked as a model; but he truly gained a lot of attention when he landed the starring role in the 2001 film, Baby Boy.[iii] Since then, Gibson has been a part of the highly successful Transformers and The Fast and The Furious films. You all can also catch him in the much anticipated second season of the hit show Empire.  The show stars Terrence Howard and Gibson’s long-time friend, Taraji P. Henson. The second season premiers on September 23, so be on the look-out!




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